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DIALOG databases
(scientific, engineering, medical, intellectual property)
Westlaw databases
(e.g., court opinions, statutes, regulations)
Local Libraries


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DIALOG is a collection of more than 450 databases, combined with a powerful search engine.   I most frequently use DIALOG to search the following databases:


Westlaw is collection of more than ten thousand databases, which contain the full-text of judicial opinions, current statutes, published legal journals, treatises, etc.   In particular, Westlaw contains the full text of:
There are major advantages to using Westlaw, compared to using printed materials in a library:
  1. Westlaw permits quick searching of large amounts of material from different sources. Not only can one search for conventional legal topics (as in a search of printed Digests), but one can also search for quotations from cases, citations to cases (and immediately retrieve the text surrounding the citation), and the occurrence of specific words (a more narrow search than in topics in the printed Digests).

  2. Westlaw also contains documents that are too recent to be found in printed materials in a library. For example, the paper version of U.S. Reports first appears on library shelves about four years after the Supreme Court issued the opinion, and the interim bound copy of the West's S.Ct. Reporter first appears on library shelves about one year after the Supreme Court issued the opinion.

  3. Westlaw contains some unreported state and federal cases that are not available in published volumes. Westlaw also contains much information that is not available in law libraries.

  4. Text that is downloaded from Westlaw can be searched by a computer for all occurrences of a word or phrase, which is both much faster and more certain than reading hundreds of pages of printed text.

  5. In October 2008, the printed volumes of judicial opinions (published by West) filled 4500 volumes for federal courts (excluding Fed.Appx.), and 13660 volumes for West's seven regional reporters that include state courts in all fifty states.   This is too much information to be quickly searched by looking in printed Digests or other printed indexes to cases.

Local Libraries

I have access to the following libraries: I can obtain materials that are not in these libraries either through interlibrary loan at Franklin Pierce Law Center or from various commercial document delivery services.

Franklin Pierce Law Center has a subscription to: As a paying member of the Franklin Pierce library, I have free access to these online resources in the law library.

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