Dr. Ronald B. Standler
Legal Consultant in
Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics

Brief credentials and experience of Dr. Standler:
I began my graduate studies during 1971-72 in an atmospheric science department, where I worked with Prof. Bernard Vonnegut, the inventor of silver iodide cloud seeding. That experience led to my interest in the law of weather modification, as well as my interest in legal liability for negligent weather forecasting. See my essays on those topics.

During 1972-77, I was a graduate student in a physics department, but did research in atmospheric electricity. My M.Sc. thesis was on the different performance between blunt and sharp tips on lightning rods. My Ph.D. dissertation was on the effect of corona discharge from grass and trees on the electric field near the earth's surface during thunderstorms.

During 1977-79, I was a visiting assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I worked with Prof. Martin Uman, one of the world's leading authorities on lightning. Prof. Uman and I invented a patented lightning-activated relay that could be used for warning of lightning, as well as protection of electronic sensors and circuits. Unfortunately, my allergies to pollen and mold forced me out of Florida, which ended my career in lightning research.

My experience during 1971-79 with research in atmospheric physics, and especially lightning, led to my writing several essays on legal liability for lightning.

My subsequent work in electrical engineering (1980-1995), and my attending law school (1995-98), is described in my biography.


I support litigators with cases involving physics, atmospheric science, or meteorology, including legal research and evaluation of discovery. My essays show my ability to synthesize information from law, science, engineering, and even medicine.

In addition to consulting with litigators, I am interested in designing contracts and disclaimers for private weather forecasters to allocate risks.

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Because I am licensed to practice law only in Massachusetts, I can not give legal advice to clients in other states.   If you live outside of Massachusetts, the only way I can help you is if your local attorney hires me as a consultant. See my hints on how to find an attorney in the USA.   For cases involving injury or damage by lightning, weather modification, or weather forecasts, you probably need an attorney who is experienced with tort (personal injury) litigation.

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