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Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH 03301 subsequently renamed "University of New Hampshire School of Law"
J.D., May 1998
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, USA 87801
Ph.D. in physics, December 1977
M.Sc. in physics, May 1975
University of Denver, Denver, CO 80208
B.Sc. in physics, June 1971
minors: mathematics and philosophy, member of Scholars Program


more than 35 papers in archival journals and conference proceedings; 3 patents
complete bibliography at end of this document

Standler, Protection of Electronic Circuits from Overvoltages,
New York: Wiley-Interscience, 434 pp., May 1989. Republished by Dover, December 2002.

Bar Admissions

U.S. Supreme Court, 5 August 2002.
U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, 11 Jan 2001.
U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, 21 May 1999.
Admitted to practice in patent cases before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, 6 Apr 1999.
Admitted as an attorney in Massachusetts, 17 Dec 1998.


Consultant in Private Practice, Concord, NH (Dec 1998 to present)
Attorney in Massachusetts, concentrating in higher-education law, copyright law, and technology law.   National practice of consulting to attorneys on scientific evidence in torts involving technology (e.g., damage from lightning or electrical surges, products liability).

full-time Law Student, Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH 03301 (Aug 1995 to May 1998)
classes in general law, intellectual property law, and computer law.

Consulting Engineer in Private Practice, Lexington, KY (Aug 1990 to June 1995)
Specialized in design and applications of surge arresters and suppressors, marketing and safety standards for German products sold in the USA, consulting to attorneys on products liability and patent infringement. Founded nonprofit corporation, High-Voltage Transient Research Laboratory, Inc., to continue my research programs from the University.

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, (August 1984 to June 1990)
Research involved (1) development of novel circuits to protect against damage and upset from transient overvoltages, (2) statistical characterization of disturbances on the ac supply mains, and (3) formulation of design rules and test procedures for overvoltage protection, including development of engineering standards and specifications for standard overstress test waveforms. Academic activities included teaching introductory and advanced analog electronic classes, advising undergraduate honors students, member EE curriculum committee 1985-88, reorganization of EE366 laboratory to include computer-controlled test equipment.

Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM 87117
U.S. Air Force Research Scholar, (Sept. 1983 to July 1984)
One-year sabbatical position. Performed comprehensive literature search and critical review of transient protection techniques, designed a dozen circuits for protection of representative integrated circuits from transient overvoltages, wrote 212 page handbook of transient protection techniques.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, (June 1981 to May 1983)
Full-time undergraduate teaching of analog electronic circuit design, electromagnetic field theory, and transmission line phenomena.   Member, Engineering Computer Graphics Committee and EE Curriculum Committee.

Xerox Corp., North American Manufacturing Division, Webster, NY 14580
Senior Advanced Metrology Engineer (July 1979 to May 1981)
Designed and tested measurement systems for use in process-control research and inspection in a production environment for which no commercial "off-the-shelf" instrument was available; work involved electric and magnetic field measurements, vibration analysis and reduction, optical radiometry, X-ray fluorescence, Mirau interferometry, computer programming, interfacing instruments to computers, and statistical analysis of data.

University of Florida, Department of Electrical Engineering, Gainesville, FL 32611.
Visiting Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Associate to Prof. Martin Uman (July 1977 to June 1979)
Continued development of numerical model to estimate lightning current waveforms from electric and magnetic field measurements, managed lightning laboratory electronics development, taught analog electronics course, wrote laboratory manual for analog electronics course sequence and supervised laboratory, received award for excellence in teaching a laboratory course.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Department of Physics, Socorro, NM 87801.
Research Assistant to Prof. W. P. Winn (May 1975 to June 1977)
Measured simultaneously during thunderstorms the electric field, both at the ground and up to 300 meters aloft, and the current between the ground and trees. Wrote numerical model to predict relationship of electric field, conductivity of air, and corona current as a function of altitude and time. Designed and built new field mill electronics to better reject precipitation currents and have greater bandwidth than previous electronics.
Research Assistant to Prof. C. B. Moore (Summer 1972, May 1973 to May 1975)
Measured electric field, field changes, and charge transfer between the ground and both blunt and sharp lightning rods and wrote a numerical model to predict the response of elevated, grounded conductors to nearby stepped leaders from lightning. Triggered lightning with a wire-trailing rocket. Measured electric field for onset of corona discharge in coaxial cylinder geometry.
Teaching Assistant (supervised by Prof. C. B. Moore, Sept 1972 to May 1973)
Rewrote freshman physics laboratory manual and taught both freshman and sophomore physics laboratories.

State University of New York at Albany, Department of Atmospheric Science, Albany, NY 12222.
Research Assistant to Prof. Bernard Vonnegut (July 1971 to June 1972)
Research on corona discharge, ball lightning; did an extensive literature search on atmospheric electricity. Took classes in meteorology and numerical methods.

Veterans Administration Hospital, 42nd and Woolworth Ave., Omaha, NB 68105.
Summer student employee 1968, 380 hours as a volunteer during summer 1967
Participated in routine neutron activation analysis, gamma ray dosimetry research.

Participation in Development of Engineering Standards

ANSI Subcommittee C62, Low-Voltage Surge Arresters
Chairman: July 1992 to October 1995, Member: April 1987 to October 1995.

Chairman, IEEE Power Engineering Society Working Group 3.6.9,
Performance Standard for Secondary Arresters, October 1991 to March 1995.

IEEE Low-Voltage Surge Protection Subcommittee 3.6
Vice-Chairman: Sep 1993 to Mar 1995, Secretary: Sep 1990 to May 1994,
Member: Apr 1987 to Mar 1995.

Member of U.S. Technical Advisory Group for International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Subcommittee 37A, surge arresters for use on the low-voltage mains, Sep 1989 to Dec 1993.
U.S. delegate to Working Group 5 of SC37A.

IEEE Power Engineering Society's Surge Protective Devices Working Group 3.6.4
Secretary: April 1986 to August 1992, Member: 1982 to August 1992.
Active participant in:
Member, IEEE Surge Protective Devices Committee 3.0 (Oct 90-Mar 95).
Chairman, IEEE Ad Hoc Working Group on IEEE C62.45-1987 (Feb 87-May 87).
Chairman, IEEE Ad Hoc Working Group on IEEE C62.41-1991 (Mar 91-Apr 91).
Interested Party, Underwriters Laboratories Standard 1449, "Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors" (1987-present).

Participation in Professional Societies

American Association for the Advancement of Science, member 1971-2016.

Sigma Xi (Σ Ξ) — The Scientific Research Society, not a fraternity — member 1980-2014.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), member 1983-86, senior member since 1986.
IEEE Sections: Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
Membership committee, University of Rochester chapter, Sigma Xi 1980-83.
President, Graduate Student Association at New Mexico Tech, 1977.
President, Society of Physics Students, University of Denver, 1969-1971.

Member, Media Resource Service, Scientists' Institute for Public Information,
topics: "protection of electronic circuits from transient overvoltages, EMP from nuclear weapons, lightning", 1985-1995.


Langmuir Award for Excellence in Research, May 1990, given annually for an outstanding research publication by a student or alumnus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

IEEE Power Engineering Society, July 1993, Working Group Award for ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991.

Listed in Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, (2nd ed., 1993).

Archival Publications

Standler, "Transmission Line Models for Coordination of Surge-Protective Devices", IEEE 1993 International EMC Symposium, Dallas, pp. 358-362, August 1993.

Standler, "Design and Performance of Surge Suppressors", IEEE 1993 International EMC Symposium, Dallas, pp. 363-368, August 1993.

Standler, "Neutral-Earth Surge Voltages on Low-Voltage AC Mains," Tenth International Zürich Symposium on EMC, pp. 377-382, March 1993.

D. Birrell and Standler, "Failures of Surge Arresters on Low-Voltage Mains," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 8, pp. 156-162, Jan 1993.

Standler, "Calculations of Lightning Surge Currents Inside Buildings", IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Anaheim, CA, pp. 195-199, 19 August 1992.

Standler, "American Surge Test Methods for Equipment Connected to the Low-Voltage AC Supply Mains," invited paper at Lightning Protection 92, London, England, 24 June 1992, paper 5.4.

Standler, "Standards for Surge-Protective Devices for Connection to the Low-Voltage AC Supply Mains in the U.S.A.," invited paper at Lightning Protection 92, London, England, 23 June 1992, paper 4.3.

S.B. Smith and Standler, "The Effects of Surges on Electronic Appliances," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 7, pp. 1275-82, July 1992.

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R.L. Luebbers, F. Hunsberger, K. Kunz, Standler, and M. Schneider, "A Frequency-Dependent Finite-Difference Time-Domain Formulation for Dispersive Materials," IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 32, pp. 222-227, Aug 1990.

Standler, "Transients on the Mains in a Residential Environment," IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 31, pp. 170-176, May 1989.
reprinted in: V. Prasad Kodali and Motohisa Kanda, editors, EMC/EMI Selected Readings, IEEE Press, 1996.

Standler, "Calculation of Energy in Transient Overvoltages," IEEE National Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Denver, pp. 217-222, May 1989.

Standler, Protection of Electronic Circuits from Overvoltages,
New York: Wiley-Interscience, 434 pp., May 1989. Republished by Dover, December 2002.

Standler, "Standard Waveforms for Surge Testing: Experimental Evaluation and Proposed New Criteria for Tolerances," Eighth International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Zürich, pp. 115-124, March 1989.

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Standler, "Use of Low-Pass Filters to Protect Equipment from Transient Overvoltages on the Mains," IEEE Industry Applications Society Industrial and Commercial Power Conference Record, Baltimore, pp. 66-73, May 1988.

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Lin, Y.T, M.A. Uman, and Standler, "Lightning Return Stroke Models," Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 85, pp. 1571-1583, Mar 1980.
According to Science Citation Index, this paper was cited 62 times between 1980 and March 1992.

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According to Science Citation Index, this paper was cited 46 times between 1979 and January 1994.

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Standler, "Coordinated Electric Surge Suppressor With Means for Suppressing Oscillatory Transient Overvoltages," U.S. Patent 5,398,150, 14 Mar 1995.

Standler, "Passive Overvoltage Protection Devices, Especially for the Protection of Computer Equipment Connected to Data Lines," U.S. Patent 4,586,104, 29 Apr 1986.
By 27 Jan 2004, this patent had been cited in 40 more recent U.S. Patents.

Uman, M.A. and Standler, "Lightning Activated Relay," U.S. Patent 4,276,576, 30 June 1981.
By 27 Jan 2004, this patent had been cited in 20 more recent U.S. Patents.

Other Publications

Standler (Organizer and Chairman), "Workshop: Surge Arresters and Suppressors on Data Lines," IEEE 1995 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 4 pp. of notes for participants, 3 hours of discussion, Atlanta, 18 August 1995.

Standler (Organizer and Chairman), "Workshop: Surge Arresters and Suppressors on AC Supply Mains," IEEE 1994 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 6 pp. of notes for participants, 4½ hours of discussion, Chicago, 22 August 1994.

Invited speaker: "How to Protect Small Computer Systems from Disturbances on the Mains," IEEE Pittsburgh section, 23 Oct 1989; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1 Mar 1990; and Pennsylvania Electric Association, 16 May 1990.

Standler, "Editorial: Mathematics for Engineers," The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics, Vol. 11, pp. 1-6, Spring 1990.   Posted on Internet at http://www.rbs0.com/math.htm

Standler, "Discussion of: Steep-Front Short-Duration Voltage Surge Tests of Power Line Filters and Transient Voltage Suppressors, by Barnes and Hudson", IEEE Trans. Power Delivery, Vol. 4, p. 1035, April 1989.

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Standler, "Campus Unrest," Congressional Record, pp. E19-23, 21 Jan 1971.

Standler, "Objections to Antiballistic Missile System," Congressional Record, pp. E7940-7944, 27 Aug 1970.

Essays At My Websites

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Standler, My Suggested Revision of the Copyright Act of 1976, 35 pp., http://www.rbs2.com/c17USC.pdf, 27 May 2013.

Standler, Copyright for Compilations in the USA, 30 pp., http://www.rbs2.com/ccompile.pdf, 16 May 2013.

Standler, Legal Rights of Medical Patients in Massachusetts, 34 pp., http://www.rbs2.com/prm.pdf, 20 July 2012.

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Standler, Annotated Legal Cases on Physician-Assisted Suicide in the USA, 124 pp., http://www.rbs2.com/pas.pdf, 9 May 2005.
By 31 Dec 2012, this essay had a total of 324,821 hits.

Standler, Annotated Legal Cases Involving Right-to-Die in the USA, 157 pp., http://www.rbs2.com/rtd.pdf, 22 Apr 2005.
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